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​CleanOxide Tablets are a superior and safe salad wash solution. Perfect for disinfection of salads, vegetables, peelable fruit & all equipment / preparation surfaces.

  • At the recommended rates CleanOxide kills listeria, Salmonella, Ecoli, staphylococcus

  • CleanOxide is 100% bio-degradable

  • CleanOxide does not react with organics to cause disinfection by-products.

  • CleanOxide is a sustainable, environmentally friendly product

  • CleanOxide breaks down into table salt

  • CleanOxide is effective over a broad ph range of 4 to 10

  • CleanOxide is 10 times more powerful than chlorine

  • CleanOxide does not contain free chlorine.

  • Micro-organisms do not develop resistance to CleanOxide®.

Image by davide ragusa
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