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Keep your water safe to drink and the indoor air you breathe contaminant free.
Over time, water gets polluted due to a build-up of organic material, biofilm, harmful bacteria and sometimes even viruses. Indoor air quality can also be affected by the introduction of new products into the home or work along with the use of everyday cleaning chemicals & aerosol sprays.   All of these can be harmful to your health.
Natural Water Solutions has a range of water & air cleaning and purification solutions designed to keep you healthy and maintain clean and pure water and air.



Regular water tank treatment is necessary to keep your water safe for consumption

Over time, harmful organic materials such as biofilm, bacteria, fungi and viruses start building up in water tanks. This organic material can negatively affect the odour and taste of water and can be harmful to your health. The build-up of biofilm in pipes can also cause problems in the flow-rate and longevity of your system.

CleanOxide, which is pure Chlorine Dioxide, is the most easy to use and effective product on the market to maintain water tanks and ensure the water is safe for you to drink and use.

Rain Water Tank Guide

Many people around Australia rely on rainwater which is caught off the roof and stored in tanks for drinking, washing and many other uses. This can be perfectly safe, but does require a properly installed and maintained water catchment and storage system. Read the Natural Water Solutions Rain Water Tank Guide for important steps to ensure you have a healthy water tank.



Unlike most conventional Odour treatments that merely mask bad smells our Neutralize Air Sanitisation Gel actually has the ability to kill the source of the problem. The Chlorine Dioxide that is released from the Gel works by destroying part of the odour molecule, stripping it of its odour potential. It is the oxygen ions that are doing the work, killing the airborne bacteria, mould or viruses and safely eliminating odour.

  • Slow regulated release of chlorine dioxide vapour at undetectable and safe levels.

  • Simple mixing instructions.

  • No capital investment required.

  • 1 packet treats up to 25m2 (floor area).

  • The Gel will turn yellow approximately 20 mins after activation.

  • After approximately 30 days the Gel will lose its colour and become inactive.


  • Odour Control applications

  • Residential Applications

  • Pet enclosures

  • Doctors practices/Hospitals

  • Storage sheds

  • Close work stations

  • Boats

  • Caravans

  • Gyms

  • Transport Containers

  • Toilets


  • Purify and decontaminate the air and surfaces via slow release technology

  • Kills 99.9% of bacteria and viruses

  • Eliminates odours

  • Improves air quality and the immune system of the body

  • Creates fresh air

  • Protects against airborne microbial contamination’s in crowded rooms



​Neutralize Hand & Surface disinfectant can be used wherever the highest standards of hygiene are required. Suitable for use in residential use, Kitchen surfaces cleaning, boats, caravans, and all other workplaces where there is a risk of contamination. The product has been tested and is effective against a number of commonly occurring bacteria, yeast, and viruses that are known to be highly transmissible and can result in infections and illnesses. 

  • Kills 99.99% of bacteria and viruses

  • Control the spread of infection and viruses re-populating

  • Multi-use spray which works on hard surfaces and hands

  • Can be used in public spaces, home, and office environments

  • Safe to use around pets

  • Environmentally friendly


Referring to the table in gallery, add in the correct amount of water and tablets. Then, contents is 0.5 gram soluble disinfection tablets per litre of water.


  • Fill bottle to just below neck, refer to table below.

  • Remove the required tablet from tablet refill pack.

  • Attach spray nozzle and shake well.

  • The product is now ready to use


Disinfection of hands and hard surfaces



CleanOxide Tablets are a superior and safe salad wash solution. Perfect for disinfection of salads, vegetables, peelable fruit & all equipment / preparation surfaces.

  • At the recommended rates CleanOxide kills listeria, Salmonella, Ecoli, staphylococcus

  • CleanOxide is 100% bio-degradable

  • CleanOxide does not react with organics to cause disinfection by-products.

  • CleanOxide is a sustainable, environmentally friendly product

  • CleanOxide breaks down into table salt

  • CleanOxide is effective over a broad ph range of 4 to 10

  • CleanOxide is 10 times more powerful than chlorine

  • CleanOxide does not contain free chlorine.

  • Micro-organisms do not develop resistance to CleanOxide®.

When spraying hard surfaces with a spray bottle/vessel at the recommended dose rates for hard surfaces always rinse with fresh water after use to avoid damage to the spray vessel. When spraying or treating coloured surfaces always test the product to make sure it does not bleach the surface being treated.

When treating metals always rinse with fresh water after using CleanOxide at the recommended dose rates for hard surfaces. Chlorine Dioxide is Biodegradable at the above dose rates and will break down to small amounts of table salt after use.

Please note the chlorine dioxide demand will always be dependent on the quality of water being treated. The greater the chlorine dioxides demand the more chlorine dioxide will be required.



CleanOxide isn’t just limited to the other uses listed on our website – these are just the most common. We also find CleanOxide useful for many cleaning tasks around the home, including:

  • Water Feature cleaning

  • Odour control

  • Drain Cleaning

  • Bin Cleaning

  • Water Troughs

If you want to discuss any of these uses for CleanOxide, or think you have another in mind, we would love to hear from you. 

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